What is the Settings Section?

The settings section is where you can update features and elements that impact your Folio.  To learn what each section does click on the links below.

1. Hide Show Elements - This allows you to hide and show elements within your Folio,

2. Design Options - Customize Typeface (Font) and Button Colors

3. Homescreen Details - Add App Name and turn on optional prompt to add to homescreen or caching (StickyAbums only)

4. Folio URL - Customze your Folio doamin in this section

5. Social  - This area allows you to set the image and text when the Folio is shared on Social Media.

6. Privacy - In this section you can add a passcode or hide your Folio from search engines.

7. SEO  - Add Tracking codes, Site Title/Description along with make sure you are optiomizing SEO for your Folios.