How do I edit my Booking Settings?

The Booking Settings feature allows you to set up global details for your Booking pages.  This includes Business Details (Currency and Tax rate), Integrations (Google Analytics and Facebook), and Email Notifications from Booking.

To locate Booking Settings:

Log in to your StickyFolios Account.

Hover over the Account Tab (top right hand side).

Select Booking Settings from the drop down menu.

This will bring up the Bookings Settings section.

The settings include:

1. Business Information 

Currency  - Read here for currently accepted currencies

Tax - this amount will vary by location. If you are not sure if you need to charge tax for sessions or gift cards, consult with your accountant or local tax offices.

2. Integrations

Google Analytics - Place your GA (Google Analytics) code here to track views and visitors to your booking page.  

Facebook - Add a link to your Facebook Page. This will allow your customers to like your page after they book directly from the confirmation page.  Note: you will need to use the full URL including https://

3. Email Notifications

Allows you to set how often and when the Booking tool sends email notices to you.