How do I create a Booking Page?

When you are ready to create a Booking Page, log in to your StickyFolios account, then select Manage Booking Pages from the drop down menu under Bookings.

This will bring up a listing of all your current booking pages. By default you will have a test page loaded into your account. This allows testing when you set up your Payment Gateway.

IMPORTANT - If you are outside of the USA and using a currency other than US Dollars, you should change your currency before running a test transaction.  Learn more here.  

To create a Booking Page, click the blue Add New Booking Page button. This brings up a selection of Booking templates from which to choose.

The options are:

  • Book a Session - Set up for customers to book and pay for a session.
  • Make a Payment - Designed for your customers to make a payment for a specific amount.
  • Purchase a Gift Card - Allows customers to purchase Gift Cards for your business.
  • Schedule a Call - Set appointments for customer calls
  • Schedule a Free Consultation - Set appointments for in-person consulations.
  • Schedule Reveal and Order Session - Set appointments for ordering and revealing images
  • Custom - Start from scratch to make your own Booking page without any sample content.

Note: You can choose to select the time slots when you set up your page, these will repeat indefinitely or uncheck the days and opt to add the timeslots manually.


Click here to see how to Edit Timeslots

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